Schnauzers are solid terriers and tend toward being a bit stubborn and independent but extremely loyal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

schnauzer poodle mix

Mixing and matching can add up to some interesting ranges and the variety is enticing. It's important to take your dog to the vet for proper diagnosis especially since seizures can have other causes and treatment. Do you live in housing with noise restrictions? An anxious dog can be very destructive, barking, whining, chewing, and otherwise causing mayhem. Giant Schnoodles, the larger breed created by the pairing of a Standard Poodle and Giant Schnauzer, can weigh between 65 and up to 85 or 90 pounds for the largest of adult males. Young children and dogs of any breed should always be supervised by an adult and never left alone together, period. These breeds generally aren't a good fit for homes with smaller pets that can look like prey, such as cats, hamsters, or small dogs.

The appeal of this hybrid is that they generally have the Poodle's willingness to please mixed with the sturdiness and activity of the Schnauzer. Playful and.

They are highly inclined to hold blankets and toys with the help of their front paws that they use as hands. Your email address will not be published. Obedience training and interactive dog toys are good ways to give a dog a brain workout, as are dog sports and careers, such as agility and search and rescue. Learn how your comment data is processed. So are breeds with short noses, like Bulldogs or Pugs, since they can't pant as well to cool themselves off.

schnauzer poodle mix

If you're considering a watchdog, will a city full of suspicious "strangers" put him on permanent alert? To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Thank you for subscribing. A Schnoodle who isn't properly exercised or stimulated can become destructive and difficult to handle. Retrieved from " https:

Schnoodles are considered to be non- to low shedders and may make good pets for people with allergies. When choosing a breed, think about how the dog vocalizes — with barks or howls — and how often. Key Questions to Ask You now know the things to discuss with a breeder, but there are also questions you should discuss with shelter or rescue group staff or volunteers before you bring home a dog. These dogs may have a strong body stature and rough hair similar to their Schnauzer parent or curly hair and slender body of the Poodle. He also has an unusual propensity to use his front paws as hands to hold toys and blankets. Although a playful pup sounds endearing, consider how many games of fetch or tag you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other dogs who can stand in as playmates for the dog.

Without immediate medical attention, the dog can die. Schnauzer poodle mix a general rule, most need at least twice-weekly brushing with occasional baths, perhaps on a monthly basis. Check with your veterinarian if you're unsure about the feeding needs of your particular dog. Social media is another great way to find a dog.

Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle Mix)

However, it is advisable to train and socialize the breed when it is still a puppy. Introducing a five-year old dog to your toddler is a different ballgame than introducing a puppy. A Schnoodle coat looks its best with professional grooming every four to six weeks, and it requires brushing or combing every couple of days to prevent mats or tangles as well as regular bathing in between appointments with the groomer. You now know the things to discuss with a breeder, but there are also questions you should discuss with shelter or rescue group staff or volunteers before you bring home a dog. Not all Schnoodles will get any or all of these diseases, but it's important to be aware of them if you're considering this breed.

Monty The Miniature Schnoodle

When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations. Schnoodles are sometimes promoted as being hypoallergenic.

As with any hybrid, there's also a huge difference between a Schnoodle whose purebred parents have been carefully selected for temperament versus a dog from an irresponsible breeder who slaps a litter together simply because she has a purebred Schnauzer and lives down the street from a purebred Poodle. Their round, fluffy head, almond-shaped eyes, short muzzle, black nose and floppy, hanging ears gives them a teddy bear-like look. Children And Other Pets Schnoodles make excellent family pets, and they love to play with kids and be the center of attention.

And many hounds simply must follow their noses, or that bunny that just ran across the path, even if it means leaving you behind. Socialization helps ensure that your Schnoodle puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. Make the most of your preventive abilities to help ensure a healthier dog for life.

schnauzer poodle mix

Welcome to your complete guide to the Schnoodle dog breed! The “Schnoodle Doodle” (a common term for the Poodle mix) is a Schnauzer.

If they are not given the right amount of mental stimulation and exercise schnauzer poodle mix day, a Schnoodle would quickly get bored and could even begin to show some schnauzer poodle mix behaviors, which is their way of relieving any stress they are feeling and not necessarily because they are being naughty. Take a look and find the right large dog for you! Blood pressure drops and the dog goes into shock.

schnauzer poodle mix

Wonder which dog or cat best fits your lifestyle? Dogs with a low cold tolerance need to live inside in cool climates and should have a jacket or sweater for chilly walks. Apartments can be good homes for the smaller Schnoodles, but the larger ones do better in a home with a fenced yard.

Sandy the adult Schnoodle (Schnauzer / Poodle mix breed dog)—"The Schnoodle is very loyal to his family, affectionate, extremely intelligent, easily trained.

Affection Level Amount of warmth or friendliness displayed. The Schnoodle is generally the result of breeding between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, although some breeders have started breeding multigenerational Schnoodles Schnoodles bred to other Schnoodles. However, it is advisable to train and socialize the breed when it is still a puppy. Schnoodles aren't a noisy breed, but if they become bored or are left alone for long periods, they may begin the habit. Easy to train dogs are more adept at forming an association between a prompt such as the word "sit" , an action sitting , and a consequence getting a treat very quickly.

The Giant Schnoodle

You can also subscribe without commenting. A breed is a group of animals related by descent from common ancestors.

schnauzer poodle mix

Schnoodles will develop a knack of digging and be very clingy towards its family members if one of its parents is the Miniature Schnauzer. A dog's inclination to be protective of his home, yard or even car. This doesn't mean that every dog of that breed will develop those diseases; it just means that they're at an increased risk. When the parents are carefully selected, the Schnoodle is a great dog. Pictures of Schnoodles Schnauzer-Poodle Mix. December 20, at 2: As they get bored, quite easily try keeping them motivated by positive reinforcement techniques so that they acquire interest towards the training procedure.


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