when to get a second dog

Yeah, it is tough for rescue dogs, especially new rescue dogs because they are brought to a totally new environment, with totally new people, and a totally new routine. During the beginning training period, I put a light lead on my puppy so that I can easily control her and have her close to me. I really, really, really, wanted another dog, so even though it was a lot of work with Shania, I was glad to do it. I do not leave my dogs together unsupervised until I am extremely sure that there will be absolutely no issues. What type of dogs does she enjoy playing with? Maybe have kid first and then see how you feel.

There are a number of factors to consider when you're thinking about getting a second dog. If you keep the following in mind, you won't go too far wrong.

And don't forget that he still needs all the love and attention you can provide. I still supervise all their play sessions and make sure that there is no bullying, no stealing, etc. His favorite breed during supervised play groups, is the Pit Bull Terrier. If you have small kids, puppies are probably not the way to go. As soon as I notice the start of any anti-social behavior, I no-mark, interrupt play, and redirect. We kept them seperate on the way home.

Tucker is easy to please and very eager to please as well. In this way, each dog knows what to expect from the others, what to expect from me, and what I expect from him in return. Select Dog or Cat. Would she get more exercise with a companion? With Sephy, he liked playing with larger, playful dogs, that are not dominant, when to get a second dog that is what we looked for.

when to get a second dog

I have to spend more time taking care of multiple dogs, walking them, supervising interactions, etc. As soon as I notice the start of any anti-social behavior, I no-mark, interrupt play, and redirect. I still supervise all their play sessions and make sure that there is no bullying, no stealing, etc. When we introduced them to each other it was in a general area and they seemed fine but then when we took her in the car, he attached her. When we come home, they will be happy to lie around, be calm, and be mostly well-behaved.

Dog behavior is very context dependent, and each situation is different. Congratulations on your new pups! I currently have a 9 year old Husky, australian shepherd mix who is very well behaved, well trained, and mellow.

11 Ways To Know You’re Ready For A Second Dog

Big size differences can be challenging when it comes to play, walking, etc. This will allow me about the same availability I have now, with more evening classes. The dog I am considering is a female, 8 month old approximated , with what appears to be a similar mix bc she looks just like him. Loving reading all the comments on this post, too — keep up the great work your dogs are amazing! As soon as I see my dog starting to make moves in that direction, I stop it. We are talking about getting a second puppy.

Now, I am very glad that I did not do so until both Shiba and I were ready. You are now pupscribed. They are able to co-exist outside. This is natural because a new puppy introduced a lot of uncertainty, changes, and stress into his life.

To help your older dog better acclimate to the new addition to the family, designate special areas where he can safely retreat when he needs a break from the puppy. In terms of introducing a new dog, what has helped me most is to set up clear and consistent dog-to-dog interaction rules right from the start. You should read about the dog rescue from a puppy mill and adopt one from there. We consulted with 4 trainers who suggested that she was resource guarding with guarding generalized to anything, me, my husband, the 1st dog eating his own food when she already had her own food, space on the floor — many times we had no idea what it was about and said that this is very difficult to train out of a dog and may not be possible so there was always an ongoing risk of a serious dog fight.

when to get a second dog

We're not trying to influence your attitude towards store puppies, but if you're going to get a second dog there are LOTS of pups out there who need a home.

Who are her favorite friends and playmates? Therefore, I try to introduce them to changes slowly and not have too many things changing at once. Athena, the Samoyed, tried to come up and he went for her. I like to run, but my 9 year old recently stopped wanting to run with me.

when to get a second dog

I have a quick question for you. It has been interesting as the female has always been very dominant over the male and she is quite a bitch to him at times but for the most part they get along well together.

A second dog could never take the place of your current dog, but some dog lovers have room in their hearts for double the doggie love.

He is so smart and obedient, and a quiet dog though a litter paranoid of the dark. In this way, I can focus on training the new dog, and helping both dogs get along. The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Once we got to the house Yoshi our shiba became extremely aggressive in our house. Enjoyed your hub and the pictures of your beautiful dogs. You will go above and beyond for your current pooch, shunning trivial delights like human relationships and vacations just to spend more time with your favoritest of favs.

Another thing i worry about is that they will fight. However, I also believe that keeping an inappropriate dog would only make everyone unhappy, including the new dog. Comment Name Email Website.

when to get a second dog

High-energy, wrestling, play style. What he lacks in size he makes up for in boldness and quickness. Good luck with your second dog and feel free to share your experiences and questions with us below. More on how we did dog-to-dog desensitization exercises with our Shiba Inu. With Sephy, he liked playing with larger, playful dogs, that are not dominant, so that is what we looked for.


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