Bernards[14] and the Tosa Inu[14] in the desire to develop a fighting dog for the burgeoning dog fighting industry in Odate in the early 20th century. Most Kai Kens love to run, as they japanese dog breeds very agile and quick. Although with early socialization and a bit of training, japanese dog breeds can still be civil interacting with others.

japanese dog breeds

After their deaths some years later they were made into specimens and placed in the National Science Museum at Ueno, Tokyo. This means they must be socialized at an early age and go through proper obedience training. Its traits include a coarse, straight coat, with soft undercoat, it can have different colours: She runs the blog Fidose of Reality. The Voice of Japan".

Every dog hails from somewhere in the world and there are a variety of amazing dog breeds from Japan. Do you know which Japanese breed.

However, its fierce lineage has not completely left it and can be used as an intelligent working dog when needed. Bred as a lapdog , they can be kept indoors, but they will need regular walks and exercise like any other dog. Akitas have thick double coats. They are strong and independent dogs, which is why proper obedience is so crucial at an early stage. While it is definitively a Japanese dog, there is a possibility it originated from China over 3, years ago. Like the other six native dog breeds of Japan, the Kishu was originally bred for hunting deer and boar. It is believed that a large white German Spitz was brought to Japan in and first exhibited as a show dog in Tokyo the following year.

Shiba Inu via iStock. There is no denying it. They have great japanese dog breeds and will also help protect you in dangerous situations. As a spitz breed, the appearance of the Akita reflects cold weather adaptations essential to their original function. In addition, the Chins are alert, intelligent and independent dogs.

japanese dog breeds

It should be no surprise that the Tosa Inu is a highly aggressive and potentially dangerous dog breed. It derives from cross breeding which has involved breeds such as the Argentine Bulldog and the St Bernard. However, they managed to survive and some American military personnel fell in love with the breed. The Shikoku is characterised by their sesame-coloured coat. The Akita is considered a Spitz breed, meaning it shares traits and ancestory with other similar breeds. Such dog breeds included:

This site uses cookies. This website uses cookies. Like the Akita Inu, the Kishu Inu has been declared a natural monument in Japan with a lot of honor and respect given to these lovable dogs. A Japanese spitz will absolutely flourish when included in a family-oriented environment.

After their deaths some years later they were made into specimens and placed in the National Science Museum at Ueno, Tokyo. The issue is especially controversial in Japan.

Japanese Dog Breeds List

Japanese Terriers in cold climate often need dog-sweaters to manage the conditions. Akita Club of America Inc. Archived from the original website on Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 3 April

Shiba Inu VS Akita I Japanese Dog Breeds

Other non-immune specific conditions known to have occurred in the Akita include:. It is believed that this breed was bred originally as a Japanese fighting dog.

The Furry Critter Network. A second Akita was arranged to be sent to Miss Keller: They are gentle and loyal in temperament, but do like to play and can have a lot of energy.

japanese dog breeds

Discover all dog breeds from Japan. Learn which Japanese dogs rank the most popular in the world and in Japan. READ HERE.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Akita Inu. Archived japanese dog breeds the original on The breed gained popularity with the release of the film Nankyoky Monogatari, about Taro and Jiro, two Sakhalin Huskies that became heroes after surviving in Antarctica for a year with almost no food.

japanese dog breeds

Of course, not all of these breeds will behave the same, but many share characteristics thanks to years of working in and around Japan's unique territories. It was originally bred in Tosa, present day Kochi, as a fighting dog.

10 Japanese Dog Breeds

Unique and beautiful, it's easy to see why these Japanese dog breeds are a treasure. Japan is known for its reverence for animals, and dogs.

Retrieved 4 October The Akita is a very popular and highly regarded dog breed originating from the northern region of Japan. Archived from the original website on Kai Ken are also double coated, but do not need a lot of brushing or grooming for maintenance. The Kishu Ken sometimes referred to as the Kishu Inu is one of the oldest dog breeds to come out of Japan. Australian National Kennel Council. The official numbers of these dogs are uncertain, so take this as a loose ranking and not hard facts.

Bred to hunt primarily birds and small game animals, the dog would occasionally hunt for deer, boar, and bear with his owner. Retrieved 22 April

japanese dog breeds

With his tiger stripe fur as a distinguishing trademark, this intelligent, alert breed is both agile and guarding in nature, with a hunting instinct. In all countries except the United States, the Japanese and American strains of Akita are considered two separate breeds. However, this doesn't mean they can't also be great family pets. It was not bred in the mountainous regions of Japan. In fact, it is often said they have a special liking towards kids. A second Akita was arranged to be sent to Miss Keller:


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