He is not picky. I will not be using Nutro any longer. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

holistic select dog food reviews

It also seemed like maybe he needed out to urinate more than usual. I saved a few cups of food hoping I can find a place where it can be tested. The other dogs were vomiting yellow bio. My outside dogs eat another brand and are fine. But the price is outrageous. If I lose my older female, I am really going to be upset as she has been very healthy until now and I thought I was feeding a very high quality dog food.

Holistic Select Dry Dog Food - an independent review, star rating and recall history by the editors of The Dog Food Advisor.

She had also been throwing up. They have been peeing constantly and eating grass, as much as they can. He began to act lethargic and would whine like he was in pain. I had been feeding Nutro Ultra for 3 years. She vomited bile occasionally, had loose stools, extreme thirst, trouble urinating, glassy eyes, lethargic, dry skin, dull coat and bad breath. He was always on Pedigree, and sometimes dry cat food when he would get into that but was never sick.

Me and my girlfriend has 4 dogs and all of them are Shih Tzu. Malinda of Columbia, MD. Even through the night!

holistic select dog food reviews

I was finding yellow bile each day on the floor. We thought she was just in the last phases of dying. She had to eat prescription food for weeks and eventually I switched her to Wellness dog food. I am praying this does not happen again. We called her vet on Monday morning and they put her on two medications--one to coat her stomach and antacid.

I had just bought a new bag but returned it. I took her off the food immediately and fed her ground sirloin and veggies for dinner. I know that there have been recalls on the regular Nutro, but I feel that the Nutro Ultra needs to be investigated. It's expensive but high quality for my dog.

Elizabeth of Lake Villa, IL. Both seem to be doing fine now.

I sometimes find it hard to find a reasonable price food for my dog that is not being cheap when it comes to the nutrients and needs of my dog. However, I tend to not like the prices. I can say that it gives complete nutrition to our pets. He was unable to keep anything down. I am still willing to pay for it.

I previously wrote with about my horrible experience about my Healthy Vaccinated 4 yr. I pray that she is okay. I also have a cat.

I am convinced that it was the Nutro. It also seemed like maybe he needed out to urinate more than usual. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. These brands contain the well amount of nutrients my dog requires to keep a healthy diet.

I just wonder how long I have been feeding my dogs trash! She has always been healthy before this. Everything came back normal.

holistic select dog food reviews

Holistic Select Grain Free Dog Food - an independent review, star rating and recall history by the editors of The Dog Food Advisor.

My dog has a lot of food allergies that affect her skin and Ultra Holistic Dog Food was recommended to me by a friend. I then changed the brand into a more expensive brand and he finds his way to eat enough before going to drink his water. We started to give her Nutro Ultra Puppy Food since holistic select dog food reviews had so many nutrients.

holistic select dog food reviews

They are like my children. Malinda of Columbia, MD.

For our Holistic Select Dog Food review, we analyzed the ingredients of several of their blends. Get our detailed report and check out what we.

A family member who works at Petco who told me to try Nutro Ultra, since it was so well-balanced and I would see a great improvement in my dogs' coats and energy. We fed her ground turkey and rice for about a week and she seemed to be doing better so we reintroduced the Nutro Ultra. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. April 22, I had been feeding Nutro Ultra for 3 years. I lost my 13 year old poodle last week with bloody stools and another one of my small young dogs was sick with the same thing. One that did eat ended up with loose bowels. March 23, After feeding my two English Toy Spaniels Nutro Ultra for several years, one became sick with throwing up and diarrhea and the other refused to eat.

It is quite expensive and the only food my dog can eat. We just put our dog down. He determined she must have "ate something she shouldn't have" and sent her home with some antibiotics and a shot of anti-diarrhea medicine. A week later, she started having diarrhea again so I put her on rice and chicken for a few days and everything was resolved.

holistic select dog food reviews


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