Because Wurley is 22 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds, he can be hard to handle, says McCue. In rare instances she attacks. Good luck with them. I feel for you

my dog doesnt like other dogs

We want no species-normal aggressive behavior directed at any other human or canine at any time, of even the most ritualized sort, over the entire life of the animal? If his vision is okay, the best way to treat would be by conditioning. We did have a five-year-old pug. Talk to your vet to find out who is available locally, and who has the best reputation. You need to spend some time in the backyard with them when you let them out. All you need to set up a training session using street passes is the help of a buddy and his dog.

Helping your dog to feel confident around other dogs will get results much faster than trying to control her!.

After enrolling in classes you can also choose desensitization and counter conditioning. It's remarkable to see how quickly my dog picked up on these methods. My nine yr old Galga is increasingly aggressive towards my other dog, and has bitten us all too. Are you going to have better luck? If the other dog is threatening or if your own dog doesn't like other dogs, a dog fight could ensue, and the situation can become downright dangerous. It may prevent your dog from biting, being labelled a dangerous dog, and later being put down by animal control. I love this trainer bit.

You should try the conditioning as described above. As soon as he and his dog appear, open the bar and start sweet-talking your dog as you give him treats. I was visiting my dog doesnt like other dogs Standard Schnauzer breeder and she started playing with that dog, whereas normally she would never play with another dog. I think the only thing to do in his case is stop it at the first sign.

my dog doesnt like other dogs

Ever since then the two of them can't be around each other because all they want to do now is fight. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but Now, the pitbull is sweet to people and 2 of my dogs youngest male and his mother , but constantly goes after the oldest male and 2nd oldest male. But she will go after the other younger dogs.

It's so important to seek the help of a credentialed trainer. Some dogs just do not get along, and your purebred may be the one that is starting the problem.

7 Easy Ways to Train a Dog to Get Along With Other Dogs

Good luck with that household! This type of muzzle allows your dog to pant and helps calm some dogs. We have a jack Russell with us for 12 years now but he cannot get along with other male dogs please help as we have moved in with family who have a pug and are afraid our jack russel will hurt him

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs

Why would this occur? How can I train him?

Not ideal by any measure. He was obedience trained and still obeys commands.

I love this trainer http: I have laid out the steps that can be taken to help a dog get along in this article. The male is one-year-old, while the female is nine-months-old.

my dog doesnt like other dogs

Why isn't my dog social? Many dogs experience shyness due to certain experiences in their past, such as being mistreated and abused. One of the most .

We have 3 cats and no problems with their interactions. This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. I also recommend using a basket type wire or silicone muzzle. JackieSC March 12, 4:

my dog doesnt like other dogs

I laughed at your comment about the kitten. Details on Methods to Control Aggression Basic obedience: Like I said, some dogs just do not get along.

If your dog attacks other dogs, or just really doesn t like other dogs, the good news Going for a walk with your dog may be one of your favorite ways to exercise.

Has your boyfriend gone through an obedience class with her? Ian Dunbar, founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT , is that during their puppyhood, dogs are often deprived of adequate socialization with other good-natured dogs. JackieSC March 12, 4: Beverly Hebert is a freelance writer and a dog trainer from Houston, Texas. This is not going to end the aggression issue, but it may solve a lot of your problems. When the dog appears, the trainer feeds Goldie a steady stream of delicious treats. Please help I am desperate as I feel like he has been thru too much to be given up again and I also can't have him hurting any of my dogs.

Dog Whisperer: Passing Other Dogs

And he barks A LOT. These are some of the reasons that behaviorists like Dunbar and Donaldson now believe that it is absolutely necessary to eliminate all punishment and reprimands when dealing with a dog who is aggressive to other dogs. In contrast, the right approach utilizes prevention and early intervention. The thing with my oldest is, the pitbull goes after him unprovoked, I will have pitbull by collar while I let the others in the house and he lunges at my oldest.

my dog doesnt like other dogs

If you get upset when he lunges and barks, your emotions will fuel his tension and aggression. The Lab will most likely put up with the puppy. Have you tried the suggestions listed in the article. Is it easy to train a 4-year-old Dalmatian that comes from a rescue kennel? I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much.


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