I am sorry this sesspool of hate has gotten to me and you all should be ashamed. Why do you think we have wt classes in boxing, wrestling, judo etc?

best fighting dog in history

Are you fucking stupid or what Dogos are impressive fighters.. Wolf-like traits make the animal less likely to attack protectively but they retain a strong prey drive making them a real risk around other small pets, and potentially young children. And very worthy of repeating! My Kangal can run at mph for a little over 4 miles and my Boz can run at mph for about 4 miles also.

Certain dogs are better at this sport, and most fighting dog breeds are medium sized with sturdy bodies, strong jaws and bite force. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-size, strong and an intelligent dog breed. The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most popular.

And its need a owner that understands the breed fully and not just generally. Bully kuttas are only rare if you live in the United states.. View my complete profile. Does anyone know anything about a new breed called a "Price Boar Beisser"? People love to make up b. The boz is a lgd and not a fighter, but will fight, win, and threaten to eat the opponent.

best fighting dog in history

What is the World's toughest fighting dog? As alot of common breeds, the numbers are certain to mirror badly on the sheepdog, and that they do. Dogo's aren't even one of the top 5 fighting dog breeds. Also it is not just a specific breed but individual dogs that matter. How often will obviously ignorant and uniformed people take their narrow view point and fight to the death for it just like their beloved American pitbulls. This is also the breed of dog used to patrol the border between East and West Germany during the Cold War.

However, the potential is there for this dog to attack with lethal consequences and as a result it is banned in many countries including the UK and Australia. Yes but why can dogo fight a 90 kg Puma to death? Why do all you sissy boys always compare your huge pound dogs to the little pound American Pit Bull Terriers. He even sniffed out a German spy, bit him on the butt, and held on until human help arrived. The pit would get a mouth full of hair and the akita was getting meat and using weight to dominate.

Accompanying this size and power is a strong will and a loyalty which will see the dog attack practically anything when it feels its owner is under threat. The real sick dog fighter all have pit bulls best fighting dog in history go through a bunch of them to own the best these other untrained not condition and breed for this is like taking a beagle to a grey hound race. All the dogs mentioned in this best fighting dog in history have had their asses handed to them by the apbt! To make sure this wasn't some freakish event the guy had a female Akita that dominated the males almost as bad.

How America’s Dog Became Public Enemy #1 – And Why They’re Making Such A Comeback

What's the full name of this Russian dog? See, one thing you don't understand is that yes pittbulls are such great dogs, both for fighting and loving. April 5, Reply.


Often referred to as wolfdogs these dogs are at least half wolf and as such may be virtually indistinguishable from a pure wolf. Pal aka Pete the Pup from The Little Rascals So with all of these stellar examples of beloved and well—mannered Pit Bulls in history, where did it all start to go wrong? The answer is actually in their breeding. My eldest male has been in about 14 dog fights.

Retrieved 27 October This breed is large and muscular, usually weighing up to pounds.

Victory or death, there is no mercy! Bottom line is this I think it could be that mastiffs are understood more. Of course much of the dogs reputation is the result of irresponsible owners.

best fighting dog in history

This is a list of dog fighting breeds originally developed for, or commonly used at some time in their history for dog fighting. Extinct breeds are included. A.

Too bad most of these kids don't even remember when dog fighting was a common thing and probably would not know a game pit from a best fighting dog in history Usually a very calm breed, good training and an experienced owner is essential for the Tosa. Yes, Caucasian Ovcharka are the shit. I had run ins with some. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons as to why the negative image of Pit Bull types has stuck around for longer than the rest.

best fighting dog in history

How ya like dem taters? Richard my son, a presa might be able to whip a pit sometimes but a pit can whip a presa sometimes even though it's an unfair match since the presa is much larger than the pit.

Worlds most dangerous dogs

The Cane Corso generally has a good temperament but is protective and . Bred as a fighting dog they retain a good degree of this aggression making them.

These dogs build nice friends with youngsters. If tosa weight 45 kg, the pit lost his life. This breed was developed throughout the nation Colonial rule Republic of India and primarily used for sporting functions. The question was what is the toughest fighting breed. The actual origins of the Bully Kutta are literally fairly ambiguous. Their jaw strength bite are rediculously powerful.

Bigger breeds have to finish earlier The pit bull is like the wolverine built and equipped to take down beast three times its size. The large mastiff-type head is complemented with an equally large body in which the musculature is barely hidden by thickly folded skin.

best fighting dog in history


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