Maybe enough for 40 cars absolute max and it shares parking with a fishing area. A lot of fun!

dog beach nj

Amanda Benhamou made the trip from Bloomfield to Manasquan for the benefit of Archer, her 4-month-old beagle mix. I am planning on a visit with my new baby girl. The acre site is a great place to fish, walk on the beach, or go sunbathing. It was a nice day for all! If you are looking for quiet alone time with your dog, this probably isn't the best beach for you unless you walk further down away from the bridge, that area seemed a little less dog-populated. A great family day! Can't beat this spot!

Is your favorite dog full of energy and ready for some sand, surf, and sun? Don't worry because we've found the best dog-friendly beaches in New Jersey for you .

I shouldn't pack a bag of toys for other dogs!!! This was my dogs first trip to the beach. The beach is very clean. One gentleman came over and asked if I was okay and offered to help. Only negative, there's no sign. This beach is wonderful! Summer We arrived at this beach on a beautiful July afternoon on a Monday.

The beach is very clean. The dogs are the beach are the happiest dogs ever. Great place I have been wanting to go down for a few years and I finally made it. Fortunately my son was not harmed. I suppose if dog beach nj just visiting this area you may not give the respect a place like this deserves.

dog beach nj

I did notice some dog poop high up on the beach by the dunes, which is sad because if dog owners abuse the beach, the authorities are likely to get tougher on enforcement if dog owners aren't willingly responsible. No other beach in this area allows dogs in the summer! The east end of this beach is one of the few shore locations left where black skimmers and terns can nest and raise their young. Then this small dog came up to our belongings and peed on it! To my knowledge it is the ONLY off leash dog beach in NJ so stop b ching about the parking, facilities, no life guards If the parking lot is full I'm not sure where alternate parking is.

Wonderful people and happy, joyful dogs can be found at that beach. The path in is a little hazardous for someone with physical limitations.

Doggie Days of Summer

This beach is human size, clean and has port o potty and free parking. I shouldn't pack a bag of toys for other dogs!!! It's changed I live 15 minutes away.

Review Longport Dog Beach Choose rating out of 5 bones:. At least there was one decent person at this place. Unlike Wildwood beach, this location is far from the 'manning crowd', and is not easy to find, and I believe the reason for its poor upkeep. We will definitely be going back here every chance we get.

We do thank the kind woman who helped us. Not everybody cleaned up after their dogs as was obvious by the amount we saw up by the grass. We just discovered this beach and were amazed with the people and dogs!

We were there less than 5 minutes when our dog was attacked while my teenage son held had her on her leash. I told him my dog was bleeding and all he said was "what do you want me to do". They can't keep it clean.

dog beach nj

Dog friendly beaches are heaven on earth for Fido. And since sandy paws equal happy dogs, we've sniffed out the best beaches in New Jersey where dogs can.

Had a fun day at the beach. Will not be back I brought my two malamutes down to have fun, or so I thought. We do thank the kind woman who helped us. As much as I love dogs I don't always want a strangers dog walking dog beach nj over me. It therefore is seen, monitored, and maintained.

dog beach nj

It's not the dogs fault. We will be back often. Beach was pretty clean, soft sand, water crystal clear and no problems with other dogs.

Longport Dog Beach is a popular dog beach in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Visit for an overview of the beach, along with pictures, directions, and.

It is just common courtesy to keep a watch on your dogs. Owners must bring their own water and waste disposal items. My family took our 10 month old lab to the dog beach Sunday, August 4. It was great that people came and went with dogs the time we were there on lead. I had brought a 5 gallon jug of water to clean house and the dogs off with, and I advise it if your dog lens itself to embracing the sand.

Sandy Hook Dog Beach, New Jersey.

Having a dog with me i couldn't even go anywhere else. Keep me signed in. Everyone was very friendly, as were the dogs. There were about 20 dogs or so and most of them were extremely friendly.

dog beach nj

They already have to stay home all day during the week when I'm working so when I do things on the weekends I try to make sure they're dog friendly activities. It was crowded but if ur willing to walk to the far end you probably would find its less crowded. The sanctuary is marked off, but some visitors do not understand that the birds nest amid the shells on the beach. The beach is very clean. It stunk like hell! There was a dispute on who was responsible for pick up.


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