easy walk dog

It easy for a determined dog to slip out of, and therefore not very safe. This harness is fabulous! The one good thing for him is that the harness did seem to redistribute his weight so it wasn't as hard to control his pulling as it normally is. I just ordered another one for my parents' dog. Awesome customer service and friendly helpful service.

PetSafe—How to Fit and Use the Easy Walk Dog Harness. PetSafe®. Loading Unsubscribe from PetSafe®? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working.

I have a 75 lb boxer who always tugged on his lease. If an item ships directly from our supplier there will not be a "Pet Expertise Shipping" tab in the product details. I couldn't walk with my Golden Retriever, she is so energetic and liked to run. On our most recent walk they were complemented for being such nice dogs! We can now walk our Golden retriever without getting our arms pulled off. Short-haired dogs can be susceptible to chafing when wearing any harness. Regardless I definitely recommend this product.

Tips to help get the most out of your Easy Walk Harness: This one eliminates almost all his pulling. I was being yanked and pulled everywhere. Our new min pin rescue easy walk dog just skin and bones and the harness tends to chafe a bit.

easy walk dog

No more pulling gagging coughing. Get your own webpage at Pet Expertise and earn free dog gear as you direct your clients to the products you recommend! I am also an obedience trainer and volunteer at the local shelter. I decided to buy and I am extremely happy with it. We have been thru' obedience, but he still wants to pull.

I just ordered another one for my parents' dog. I couldn't be more pleased! They make it a point to consult with top trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists and listen easy walk dog feedback from pet parents so they can continually improve their designs and processes. She looks so cute!!

Thanks for an excellent product!!! She tried to pull once, and then didn't even bother after that.

I'll definitely shop from you again and have already recommended you to my lab rescue group. Which is basically- choke on a rope. It is simple to fit and use.

I would like this harness if it didn't loosen as we walk the dog. Love the fawn color The akita mix tries to be dominant and also has fear aggression.

easy walk dog

The Easy Walk Harness® gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash.

My account Sign in Create account. I am very happy with it, it has helped alot. Petsafe Easy Walk front-attachment harness features:

easy walk dog

I use the collar and harness for safety.. Works perfect for my dog as I am able to control him better than a regular collar or harness that attaches from the back. The only drawback is my puppy loves to chew and it took seconds for him to start tearing it up.

PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Need a different size? No problem! Contact PetSafe Customer Care at and we'll be happy to help you select the.

It is so much easier now to walk her and some of my neighbors have even commented how much better behaved she is. I'd say we are both happy to have an alternative to the usual choices. I'd say we are both happy to have an alternative to the usual choices. The girth strap should be fairly tight, room for one finger , while the chest strap should fall naturally in the correct position across the chest and does not need to be tight. I gave one neighbor my invoice so she could order one for her dog. This sturdy, well-made harness has made all the difference in her not pulling. First time ordering from Pet Expertise; fast shipping and great purchasing experience.

Easy Walk Harness

I brought it with me to try out on a very rambunctious Rottweiller. We have tried 4 or so different products even Halti and Gentle leader and the pups were more determined than ever to keep pulling. I am very happy with this harness.

easy walk dog


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