July 26, I switched my dogs to Blue Buffalo to find a food my male would eat. At this point I decide to take in the dog and have some tests ran.

blue senior dog food

We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. The next day she was worse. Within days he's having diarrhea. I felt so sorry for my dog who ate these horrid things. She is also experiencing excessive thirst. I'm upset that this happened to her. The lot number was AH4 D

BLUE senior dog food is specifically formulated for MATURE DOGS. Our senior dog food contains glucosamine for JOINT HEALTH and high quality protein to.

July 31, I read a lot of negative reviews about Blue Buffalo dog food so I wanted to share my experience. The vet, a highly recommended one, said she didn't think anything could be done at that point. He is on meds through the next night and allowed to drink some water which he is but continued to have bloody diarrhea. I absolutely believe he was slowly being poisoned. Our house did not have any boxes or similar products during those times. He had major allergy issues. I did not know why.

blue senior dog food

After talking to a cat rescue lady who has done rescue for over 20 Years , I learned about similar problems occurring with Blue Buffalo!! He has his burst of speed back and vigor, stamina is coming back around got tired very quickly. Harvey was losing weight, losing interest in eating, and becoming more and more lethargic. My cats are so much more relaxed and friendlier, coats shiny, my Shih Tzu does not need seizure medication is doing great and my new Aussie, now 10 months old, is doing amazing. Make this right blue Buffalo and pray no more harm comes to my cat or anyone else's pets.

People should talk to a Blue Buffalo Rep, before deciding on a product, they can help find the right fit. Then out of the blue she died overnight. I made the mistake and tried another brand of Blue Buffalo which was the chicken and brown rice recipe. Stool is still fairly loose with a very minor amount of blood, no straining. I was given a kitten that was about three weeks old to nurse.

Also suspected due to the amount of feces that is not picked up at our apartment complex Will probably throw the rest out.

A few weeks ago she was eating less and less of it. They like it and their poop is solid not runny. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. My pits and bull dog "did great on the the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult chicken recipe". This company is not yet accredited.

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I was overfeeding mine, thinking it would be the same as my old food and he would throw up. His whole body seized up about 10 pm that night - I was getting ready to take him to the emergency clinic when he passed away right in front of us. I took them to the vet, 6 days after opening the box. I feel bad because I did do research and thought Blue Buffalo was a good food.

Our house did not have any boxes or similar products during those times. Talked to the vet again and the only thing that he is suspicious of is the Blue Buffalo. I am so sad and feel so guilty for feeding this to my girl. I bought the variety pack of Blue Buffalo canned food for my cat in an effort to get her on what I thought was a higher quality food.

We have charged all of these expenses. Also suspected due to the amount of feces that is not picked up at our apartment complex I have had animals for 40 years, worked in the animal industry for nearly 20 years, and am thoroughly disgusted with this product.

blue senior dog food

HIGH QUALITY DOG FOOD: Blue Buffalo always features real meat as the 1st ingredient. BLUE Senior dog food features high-quality, natural protein from.

With prayers and persistence, I hope she can be saved. I will continue to monitor him like I always do. But what else could it be? Never had diarrhea ever before.

blue senior dog food

I spoke to my vet concerning the effects of the Blue Mountain food. So much for premium, pet specialty brand. They are still on oral medication, special food and a small pain pill.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula was created for the health and well-being of dogs. This Senior Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe features delicious, protein-rich deboned chicken and features the ingredients to support the overall health and well-being of senior dogs.

He ran around in circles and twitched right before her went to the bathroom. I spoke to my vet concerning the effects of the Blue Mountain food. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones in that my girl didn't die. I know there is no regulation on Pet Food lead limits but we are losing our pets because of the greed of some pet food companies who won't acknowledge the problem. Shortly after feeding our dog the first bowl, his stool became loose and he had an instance of throwing up All seemed fine until I purchased a large new bag adult dog food to take with them to the trainers during a recent vacation. After doing some research, Blue Buffalo sources their ingredients from China.

Top 5 Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food [2018 Best Sellers]: BLUE Life Protection Formula Senior Chicken

Now she has to have surgery and may not make it. She loves the food so much BUT she is acting strange My friend's cat has been to the vet 3 times in the last two weeks also throwing up on the same cat food. My vet worked for Purina back in the '70's and claims he really appreciates their quality control and standards.

blue senior dog food

Black stools, and vomiting. Shame on you, Blue Buffalo! I took her to the vet who did an xray and labs. Within days he's having diarrhea. She was losing weight initially attributed to age, but in hindsight, probably not and almost completely stopped eating. My sympathies to those of you whose cats became ill, or worse. I opened it up and put it in my dog's bowl.


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