I can explain in more detail if you are interested. It does slowly get better over time, and at some point you suddenly realize your puppy has simply become part of the family, but that takes awhile. Now on Sunday 10am I am selling my puppy considering selling my puppy.

selling my puppy

Maybe an older dog is a better fit for you. I'm not sure what country you are in, but is there a breed rescue that could take him? But look at it from the puppy point of view - and please don't take this the wrong way. Many times, the pup goes from social to ending up locked in a kennel, with a frustrated owner. Puppies need to be exercised and engaged in every way possible, mental and physical. He's a loving supportive person, but as I wrote earlier, he's not really a dog person. Now, you are the primary attachment figure in this pup's life.

We bought a Westie puppy in November, we have another one who is a few years old. We have another Westie who is great and can be left all day sleeps all .

Should I get a dog trainer to come in and help? All guarantees should be clearly written out, signed by both the breeder and buyer, and each party should retain a dated copy of the agreement. And at the same time I'm so passionate about my work that I resent having to postpone that. I wanted a dog to keep me company while I do my work because I can get lonely as my husband works at the office and takes the occasional business trip and I remember the joys of having a Labrador as a teenager. I slept a bit more last night but still very exhausted.

Is it wrong of me to put my work before my selling my puppy I came on this forum yesterday and read a thread about another woman who was having a nightmare with her selling my puppy puppy and wondered whether she had made a huge mistake and I was much comforted by all the replies from other people who had also had similar nightmares and support that "if you can get through these months it will all be worth it". He said I should talk to other dog-owners so I'm here pouring it out on this forum. He is supportive of the things I want.

selling my puppy

Don't force him in, lure him in with food. Many dog foods contain more sugar, carbs and protein etc than a puppy needs. Rain , kelly , Aspen and 1 others like this.

I'm so happy at the end of every day to go home and see him, play with him, and give him a big ol' hug. Please can you help me? It will take some time. I resent that I feel like some of my freedom has been taken away. I was totally exhausted and out of it. Puppy may smell bad if it's having accidents, and that will go away, or it's a food thing.

I wonder if this is somewhat similar to what new mothers go through with babies that won't let them sleep. The time now is

Help: do I persist or sell my puppy?

I said above that I'm not a huge fan of puppies. I am 37 no kids yet and since leaving home 20 years ago I have always wanted my own Labrador and only just recently have my husband and I found ourselves in a position where we are able to have one. Please let me me know what your thoughts are. So I cancelled with her because our vet had told us we should introduce a puppy to our kitten sooner rather than later before the cat got too old and too accustomed to being the only animal in the condo. When I wanted to take a shower he barked crazily so I could not even enjoy a simple shower and had to be extra quick. Rain , kelly , Aspen and 1 others like this.


My husband is a cat person and not really a dog person as he doesn't like the doggy-smell amongst other things. If you choose to rehome, it's best to return the dog to the breeder or surrender it to a rescue.

My whole life for the past 41 hours has been revolving around the puppy. Whenever I leave his sight he barks and whines loudly.

selling my puppy

Attention Dog Breeders: Sell ALL Your Puppies,. Within Weeks, To LOVING Homes,. And Earn $1,'s More In Sales.

You want to be rewarding INSIDE the crate- I reward far to the back corner because I'd like my dogs to hold a sit in the crate but this isn't necessary. I still struggle greatly when I bring a new puppy into the house. I knew before I got selling my puppy this that it would be a lot of hard work, but wasn't until I actually got him that selling my puppy dawned on me the reality of it. A puppy can be just as tiring as a baby sometimes.

selling my puppy

So I waited 1hr 30mins - puppy whined a bit then settled down - I continued to wait till 2hrs and puppy seemed ok and quiet in crate, so I waited till 2hr 30min and he was still ok - a little bit if whining here and there and then settling down afterwards - I waited till 3hrs and then 3hr 30min and then I thought wow can he hold it for 4hrs and he could! Pups will often cry very loudly when their mother leaves, and this is because it is possibly a life or death situation if mom doesn't come back. It's only been a few days.

Puppies Near You

Okay so i can here after going through your comment. I was going to ignore answering this question earlier, but here I am to help you. I see that it was an.

He is 8 weeks old. My husband says I just want the good results without putting in the hard work. I want to get through this and have a loving companion. A puppy can be just as tiring as a baby sometimes. But things WILL get better, just give yourself a little bit of time to adjust. I bought my puppy from this breeder.


Previously I was attempting to feed only from the kongs or handfeeding but puppy hasn't yet taken to the kongs - maybe in the future we will revisit that. I still prefer to go through sleepless nights, get bitten all over by a teething pup, lose treasured possessions to their puppy mouths, and spend the day moving from room to room to the sweet music of a puppy who has never been alone and is absolutely losing their mind over it. Crate games are great for making the crate more fun, and also teaching some impulse control. Ask him in again, treat.

selling my puppy

Ask him out, then give him another treat. Because eventually I get to the point where I can forget about my dog. It is always ok to say I made a mistake, I can't do this Its a bit concerning as well that your husband is so reluctant Is returning him to the breeder an option for you? Page 1 of 2. A good breeder should be able to rehome a puppy easily. Inbetween these times I slept uncomfortably on the edge of the bed with my arm next to his crate to try and soothe him. Especially a larger high energy dog like a Lab.


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